Jun 27, 2008

lunch at nando's.

freaking awesome time we had!

we were having lot of fun. took some pics. its amazaing how we gathered so unexpected by me. i tought tht it would never be so many of us. but yes it does. the day was a blast! we laughed, we eat, we fight fight manje a little. its kinda sad how some of us, had to postpone their plan just to go over to the lunch. its so unrepliable. great to have u with us izza and is. not to forget salad, he came down from the puncak alam tu the shah alam. just to be with us. not to forget kusot, who had no money. but still, she came with us. hahaha. by my force of course. =D
dont thank me kusot. (my lesbo partner). must to be mention other guys as azim, amir, naqi, aiman, amar. thanks for coming. honestly, i do appreciate it. and yeah the girls too, nadia, atoy, izza, jda, fam, and skyna. thanks for temaning me =p
after the lunch, we went to school to take my document yg dah disahkan. and i only got another 9 minutes. after i parked my car in front of the school, i ran out but then the guard called me just to get my signature and to give me the visitor pass. ergghhh! tht makcik arr makes me so late laaa! nevermind luckily i arrived there in time. im settle for the document going to university. and then we went to my home to do some things. solat, transfering pictures, chatting and so on. ahahahaha. im like the tokei dvd! kusot and jda keep asking me for the 18sx movies. as i always had! kami mmg lucah kenape? ade masalah? ahahahaha. yes yes. we looked at this myspacers profile and looked at her pics. and we choose this one pic for us to make it as the laughing stock! hahaha. so funny. its the 'lurah dendam' tht makes us laughed so hard. LOL!
and then i sent them home. its a tiring day yet exciting day for me. i miss them. they're the truest friends of mine.
ouh yes, them whom i brought to my home is skyna, jda, kusot and skyna. i love laughing with them =)

Jun 25, 2008


if we watch those korean movies or dramas, i wonder why we would stay watching it even we know that the movie is so slow. dont we just realize it ourselves? then why? i might just left u with this question without the answer. but i wanted to give own opinion for it. maybe it is because of the color of the shows we watched. so colourful and also very nice angle of cameratakes. and also the soundtracks is nice to be heard also. and i know im full of also in this blog.
however, this is my first blog. so, get along with it =)