Feb 24, 2009


1) Go to your photos folder in your computer
2) Go to the 6th folder of the photos
3) Go to the 6th picture of the folder

*put the picture on your blog and description of it
*invite 4 friends to join the challenge

hahahaha, picture mase kenduri jiran. then, there's this bdk name die syaziyah gatai suro aku posing. ni laa hasilnya :)

i want to tag:

Feb 21, 2009

the wait.

oi oi.
sekian lame mengidamkan beg sendiri.
hasil lukisan oleh fick yunus,
hasil jahitan oleh rakan fick yunus.
make terhasil lah beg yg begitu ceria dan membakar semangat ni.

thanks to all who made this happen.

poyo mcm dapat mini cooper sahaje.


credits to salahuddin sharif//photographer.
credits to fiku for the bag's illustration and design
me for the idea :)

Feb 20, 2009

mind blowing.

i describe him as mind blowing person.
enuff said *shhh*

Feb 19, 2009


mule mule ulser//mate ikan,
then sakit tekak
then selseme
then batuk
then demam.

tula proses - proses kejadian demam aku rase. alaaaa.
harap2 i get well before 24th. really waiting for the day.
rindu tak tertahan.

to stripper : anda pemenang dan imylh *blueeek*

Feb 14, 2009

dont hate, dislike can.

im pretty bored, doing the same thing over and over again.
so i decided to post new entry.
yes yes. addicted to the song thinking of you by katy perry. it sounds kinda rude to ur own boyfriend. but after watching the video, i know now. also there's the song demi waktu by ungu. it sounds kinda tipu awek, but after tgk video, barula faham.

eh pastu pastu. knape kene mati?

those videomaker, impress me with some other ideas!
dont die la. huhuh.


i met a stripper
love to wear sliper
he often to call himself 'brader'
so at him i will throw the stapler!

ahahah. mcm hagham bosan.

Feb 8, 2009


igt x?
mase kecik2 dlu, kte slalu kate da besar nk jd doktor
tp kte jd ape skrg?
course business eco plak tuh. celah mane doktor?
dah arr assignment kene reject. baru igt nk bergembire bagai nak gile di hari minggu.
kene re-do plak. ish tension gile. ade ke patut?
tht one hell of an assignment, dah arr byk gile kene bace. adelah dalam 16 pages, then kene summarize plak. then kene cmmnt plak. if sikit2 xpe! but its too much. aiyooooo!
ok thts it. gotta continue doing it!
go shiera!

Feb 3, 2009

kotak merah.

driving all alone to times square. nervous! but i have to. dan akhirnye sampai tanpa gundah gulane. bergembire aku di kuala lumpur. yes! at last i got the chance to sing out loud at red box plus! ahahha. ye ye. gembire x terkate. mule - mule cam malu2. tp wth its FUN! especially when someone with u singing for u :)
he have a stunning voice, lg lg mase die tarik. perghh cair gua beb! hahah. *if ure reading this, be alarm tht im telling the truth! hee.
and then pegi tmpt buffet tu to take some food, tibe2 chef tu member lame die plak. ahahaha. (xde point ) tp chicken grill lambat gile smpi. si kuki ni da mencekik dlu. lapar gua beb. tp layan arr gak chicken and beef grilled die. tp masih lapar.
dayyyumm! he is taking all of me. haha. bought nokia 1200!
tp jmpe this one hell of a cute phone. i'll buy it for real later! seriouslyyyyy!
went bowling too, kalah terok 1st game. ahahha. dont even reach 70! super stupid i played. won the 2nd game. but still the point i got is SUCK! but i dont care. im having so much fun today. im sick without u la. seriousssss!
ily :)

Feb 1, 2009