Oct 28, 2009

backing off.

things started to became awkward. why?
because i was told by a very good friend of mine. to choose, to be with ur great friend or be with ur great friend. i know tht sounded weird i have to choose between both great friend of mine. i just dont want to create any chaos among us, and its best for me to shut down myself and just go with the wind. just going to be whenever they want me to be.
reminding that they will always have my full support.
but it doesnt feel right, because i know that im much better with one of them.
but im cool, i already have few mates that are always ready for me.
no worries great friend, the road is yours :)

Oct 11, 2009

nyam nyam !

gave my friend a love advise.
he found someone, someone that made him feel so flowerish inside.
and he's not sure of what choices should be made. he's afraid of being used by the girl. well actually he's afraid to try.
as for me i really think that love is something we should really do try, after we got it, hold on to it as hard as we can.
if we love someone, always afraid if we hurt 'em. but not to afraid of being hurt.

then he ask,
"what if i cant make her happy, then she left?"

i said
"if she doesnt try anything to help u, then thts her lost."

always not afraid to love, it might hurt, but it will heal slowly.

*i would love to eat everything one day, except the non halal .

Oct 9, 2009


i seems to be down by this songs since earlier of its production.
hahah poyo en.


aku cuba.

skrg, blog ini akan dihasilkan dalam bahasa yg seharusnya difahami oleh rakyat malaysia. dicampur baurkan dgn bahasa pasar.

hei yang di sabak bernam,
rindu ni rindu pada kamu,
tau tak pedih merindui kamu?
kamu balik dengan kadar had laju cahaya boleh?
aku rasa seperti menaiki basikal tanpa tayar,
walaupun kalau kamu menjadi tayarnya,
biarpun kamu bergolek di tanah,
dicemar kalau ku lalu kotoran,
kamu tetap mematuhi,
cuma, kadang - kadang kamu pancit,
tapi ku sumbat kamu dgn angin, ku tukar perkakasan kamu,
supaya saya bisa naik lagi basikal.
walaupun begitu, aku memerlukan kamu,
ini mungkin pentingkan diri, tetapi...

kamu melengkapi aku :)

Oct 6, 2009

back in.

find out that i really had nothing to do tonight (assignment belambak je sebnrnye). so i decided to blog ! which i hadnt do for such a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time. see the o's pon tau brp lame dah.

this is wht happen to me.
im getting fatter and fatter everyday, the fats just wont come out. decided to work out, its really embarassing to go out around people because everyone started to notice the big changes in my body. balik kg je "happy ke kau? gemok do" yeah thanks ! my size have changed ! to a bigger one of course ! well to put this straight IM GOING TO WORK OUT ! mark my words. started the diet and workout already. just wanna get back to my old size ! where people cant even sees me. anorexia seems so cool to me nowadays ! i should try it. (menggelabah lebeh)

ouh people just when i got myself back to old. the picture will be posted ! keep on waiting !
(kalau kisah la ahah)

Jul 27, 2009

depression and all.

hey peeps,
its been awhile isnt it? im trying my best to capture this short time to update my blog.
sometimes i just felt not real when most people can update their blog so easily. everyday with a new one. with fancy writing, knows where to bold, where to underline,where to stroke and all. its depressing that i actually cant. pfft !
maybe i need to shut off my blogspot and also my fiction. because i cant write !

mood : depressed ;(

Jun 16, 2009

i miss you ;(

Jun 15, 2009


dear anyone,

have u ever smile, not like you mean it, not like you have to? have u ever smile so blossomly just to make sure people dont hate you? have you ever smile so wide, just just because youre happy? well, if anyone could notice, wht is the meaning of all smile. im guessing tht my smile will have no meaning at all. im not a let go person, im keeping things in my heart. no matter how i hate a person, and no matter how sad i am, not matter how happy i am. i didnt even plan on writing this here. but i just need a new entry ;p but no matter what, i do smile so happy when i let everything out. its just not tht easy for me, to just tell wht im feeling inside. i dont want to be the one whose depending, i want people to always depend on me. i cant have a problem if i want to do tht, so i hide. behind smiles that im faking. behind all of it, people wouldnt notice me.
after all, i admit it really hurts. especially when it was kept like 20 yrs ago, or maybe 12 years ago. feels like having a bleeding heart for that. but im no longer tht now, im smiling honestly and i have a meaning for all my smiles. just because i dont want to be someone who has no problems, because problems are made to gained experiences. and so i thanked people tht im relying on. for hearing me problems, no matter how stupid its going to be. thanks ! okay then, i'll just leave to you to think about it.

blossom smiles with meaning,

May 24, 2009

i am staying.

i watched this episode of "ape ape aje". topics regarding first date and right on my mind i terigt our first date.
igt tak kte makan ape? ahahah. we ate bread history. that was the most lame lunch i ever ate. you tau i kuat makan en? how on earth kte leh makan roti je. mane cukup perut aku lahap bende tu je?
and yeah,

remember kte buat ape mase our first date? kte bowling en? ahahahaha. i beaten you dude !
i managed to strikes THREE times in a row. hehehe. u remember, darling?

and we were like, malu abis antara satu sama lain ! weehuuu. and i rse mcam thts us mase awal2 ! were so FAKE ! aahaha. and now,
see what happen to you ?

May 15, 2009

peeps !

yo peeps around the world,
i am now writing my own fiction.
it is called kisah maimunah and mustapha, it is however focusing on a journey about both of them lives. it is so called "bajet interesting"
it just happen to be my new hobbies.
updating that fiction.
do check it out at :


May 1, 2009

i could say what i wanted to.

jari jemari ku longlai,
aku lemah atau aku tidak dapat mengawal?
bisikan jahat di telinga,
bisikan sinis ke hati,
hendak diikutkan, pasti aku kan merana,
hendak dialahkan, pasti aku tidak mampu,
aku tidak mampu mendenyutkan kembali semangat yang pudar ini,
atau aku mampu tetapi aku tidak mahu?
aku cari jawapannya, tapi seperti tiada petandanya,
kenapa aku lemah?
kenapa tidak bisa aku melawan?
kenapa tidak bisa aku bangkit?
kerana aku cuma manusia,
kerana aku cuma kerdil,
tidak mampu melawan?

tetapi ternyata aku silap,

apa tidak bisa sang semut membina rumah?
apa tidak bisa sang bintang berkelip?
bintang kan lebih kecil dari bulan,

jadi, biarlah aku terus menyelami,
lautan yang dipenuhi jawapan,
apa perlu kulakukan untuk,
bersinar seperti bintang.

p/s : cubaan kedua, trying to express it in real deep words :D

tension released :)

30th april 2009.
i went watching movie with my chicks, yani and skyna.

"he's just not that into you"
i could say, tht movie can beat most of the movie that related to love.
in that movie, to be noticed, u doesnt need a hot, perfect someone to actually fill your heart.

it somehow destiny that makes you and that right person together.
"behind all the rules, theres an exception"
i could die by being too overwhelmed with the movie.


Somewhere only we know - Keane.

I walked across, an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth, beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete

Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when, you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin.

I came across, a fallen elm tree, I felt the branches;
are they looking at me?

Is this the place, we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?
Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on

So tell me when, you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

So if you have a minute why don't we go

Talk about it somewhere only we know?

This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go,
somewhere only we know

Somewhere only we know.

Apr 25, 2009

tagged, again by dyanayunus.

This has been done by Photofunia. chose this effect coz i always love a mini cooper. too bad it is not purple. i bet lots of people know that i really love this car, i dont mind an older version, i just love it. so cute and tiny. and the picture maybe because it suits there. ahahaha.

I also have to answer these:

1. Do you think you are HOT?

im not now, because i kumpul lemak! im fat and kinda ugly. sorry dear fat, im dreaming on burning u!

2. Why do you like this picture?

because it didnt show the whole me, which is kinda horrible downside. ahahha

3. When was the last time you ate pizza?

i dont remember, because i dont want to remember eating pizza. because i dont like pizza. heee.

4. The last song you listen to?

the fear - lilly allen.

5. What are you doing right now besides this?

facebook, myspace.

6. What name do you prefer besides yours?

my name is to beautiful to be change.

7. 7 people to tag

syukri, nrulazman, huda, kak fara, nada, maisara (if u read), ali(name rekaan)

8. Who is no. 1?

syukri - my bestfriend, my companion, my love :)

9. No. 3 is having a relationship with?

a man named ejam.

10. Say something about no. 5?

my matric's lecture's mate.

11. How about no. 4?

my 2nd bro's fiancee.

12. Who is no. 2?

used to be my cousin's friend, my boyfriend's bestfriend's ex girlfriend, mostly my FRIEND :)

13. The other 2

maisara, my ex school mate.

ali, name that i created to cukupkan angka and i dont have much friend to tag because im pathetic. ahaha

Apr 22, 2009

1st malay poem :)

naluri ku memanggil,
masakan terpanggil,
menjatuhkan kubu kubu yang ku bina,
mengukirkan petanda gembira di bibirku,
dingin bertukar hangat,
hiba tidak lagi menyinggah,
adanya KAMU.


Apr 12, 2009

suddenly right now.

nobody ever touched me
just the way i am touched right now,

miracle never happens everytime
just the way it happens right now,

stardust never falls to my shoulder
just the way it falls to me right now,

never had beautiful songs, plays for me
just the way it plays right now,

rhyming is never easy before,
just the way it suddenly became easy right now,

never have the most happiness of life
just the way im having right now,

only when im with you

Mar 29, 2009


today ;

happy as hell
i dreamt on playing basketball with my boyfriend since the 1st time im having one.
now it is fulfilled, because i got a chance to play it with u,
yes, syukri sulaiman!

yes i do love you.

*entry takde cover cover punye.

Mar 17, 2009


starting to revise what ive learn. or maybe, starting to open what the lecturers tought me, tht i dont listen when they did.

Mar 10, 2009

si gedik bercerita

hye semua, name sy shiera (gaye gedik nak kene lempang)

im writing this entry kinda early in the morning and at the cc. its a long time since i onlining at cc.
ahahaha. kinda slow pfft! (wrong cc i guess) not because my house's internet is broken or whatever. just wanna smell back the earlier part of my onlining days. since pet society is kinda slow loading here.
im sure tht each days before tought me things.

ahaa. and then im determined to get lil more thin. coz terase berat nak berjalan kebelkgan ni.
and yes yes. kinda shitting me right now is final nak dekat. assignment berat2 sme da nk kene submit. jadi mungkin busy memanjang lebar.


Mar 8, 2009

monmon surprise changed.

see! monmon go thru this surgery which changes his eyes and ears. he turned into "jambu"

Mar 5, 2009

no one will know you better.

apa masalah kau?
tikaikan ajelah ketidakpuasan,
di depan aku bagai pijak semut pon tak mati,

cmon la wey,
kate matured!

whats wrong with the world?
everything seems to be my fault.
then, where is ur fault?


*warne merah bajet tgh marah. hee

Mar 4, 2009

ketagihan baru

This is monmon and kukicarl. they are about to go to prom
see how cute kukicarl, and how handsome monmon. heee

Mar 3, 2009

my bestfriend, my companion, my love.

anybody would ask, and anybody would hate. none of me will hate you no matter what. i am low and i am short, none of it make u go away. im cherished when you arrived. i am slow and im not fast, but u always there to wait. im not pretty, in fact im fat. but u always make me feel im HOT.
i love doing crazy things with you, coz knowing tht im not the only freak is so cool to me. yes, cant believe tht ure a freak too! i know the clouds are blue, but i see no flaws out from you :)
i might be a shit, i might be a trash but
i felt DAMN clean when i have you.
throughout the way,
i am so coloured when ure around. the black and white is no longer in me.
and you should know that im going to be
urs until my heart's clock stop ticking.
i dont know how far i can go without you. is it too early for me to say that
i wanted you in every moments tht im going through.

throughout the journey,
yes im clumsy! by the time we arrived there, so many things tht i forgot to bring, but its okay with you. drove me all the way to get my things. thanks

yes im a freak, but guess what youre too.
freak are meant to be with a freak right?

dear, ure unpredictable sometimes but im learning you. and it will be an immortal lesson for me. Im
BLACK & WHITE when your not here with me. i judge myself bad when ure not there to help me. IM HELPLESS!

im stuck over you, yes u got my head thinking about you almost everytime! i cant get u out of it. but guess what? i dont care!
i love it when ure there in my head. sorry but i cant get you out.
what have you done to me.

im damn crushed over you.

in fact,

Feb 24, 2009


1) Go to your photos folder in your computer
2) Go to the 6th folder of the photos
3) Go to the 6th picture of the folder

*put the picture on your blog and description of it
*invite 4 friends to join the challenge

hahahaha, picture mase kenduri jiran. then, there's this bdk name die syaziyah gatai suro aku posing. ni laa hasilnya :)

i want to tag:

Feb 21, 2009

the wait.

oi oi.
sekian lame mengidamkan beg sendiri.
hasil lukisan oleh fick yunus,
hasil jahitan oleh rakan fick yunus.
make terhasil lah beg yg begitu ceria dan membakar semangat ni.

thanks to all who made this happen.

poyo mcm dapat mini cooper sahaje.


credits to salahuddin sharif//photographer.
credits to fiku for the bag's illustration and design
me for the idea :)

Feb 20, 2009

mind blowing.

i describe him as mind blowing person.
enuff said *shhh*

Feb 19, 2009


mule mule ulser//mate ikan,
then sakit tekak
then selseme
then batuk
then demam.

tula proses - proses kejadian demam aku rase. alaaaa.
harap2 i get well before 24th. really waiting for the day.
rindu tak tertahan.

to stripper : anda pemenang dan imylh *blueeek*

Feb 14, 2009

dont hate, dislike can.

im pretty bored, doing the same thing over and over again.
so i decided to post new entry.
yes yes. addicted to the song thinking of you by katy perry. it sounds kinda rude to ur own boyfriend. but after watching the video, i know now. also there's the song demi waktu by ungu. it sounds kinda tipu awek, but after tgk video, barula faham.

eh pastu pastu. knape kene mati?

those videomaker, impress me with some other ideas!
dont die la. huhuh.


i met a stripper
love to wear sliper
he often to call himself 'brader'
so at him i will throw the stapler!

ahahah. mcm hagham bosan.

Feb 8, 2009


igt x?
mase kecik2 dlu, kte slalu kate da besar nk jd doktor
tp kte jd ape skrg?
course business eco plak tuh. celah mane doktor?
dah arr assignment kene reject. baru igt nk bergembire bagai nak gile di hari minggu.
kene re-do plak. ish tension gile. ade ke patut?
tht one hell of an assignment, dah arr byk gile kene bace. adelah dalam 16 pages, then kene summarize plak. then kene cmmnt plak. if sikit2 xpe! but its too much. aiyooooo!
ok thts it. gotta continue doing it!
go shiera!

Feb 3, 2009

kotak merah.

driving all alone to times square. nervous! but i have to. dan akhirnye sampai tanpa gundah gulane. bergembire aku di kuala lumpur. yes! at last i got the chance to sing out loud at red box plus! ahahha. ye ye. gembire x terkate. mule - mule cam malu2. tp wth its FUN! especially when someone with u singing for u :)
he have a stunning voice, lg lg mase die tarik. perghh cair gua beb! hahah. *if ure reading this, be alarm tht im telling the truth! hee.
and then pegi tmpt buffet tu to take some food, tibe2 chef tu member lame die plak. ahahaha. (xde point ) tp chicken grill lambat gile smpi. si kuki ni da mencekik dlu. lapar gua beb. tp layan arr gak chicken and beef grilled die. tp masih lapar.
dayyyumm! he is taking all of me. haha. bought nokia 1200!
tp jmpe this one hell of a cute phone. i'll buy it for real later! seriouslyyyyy!
went bowling too, kalah terok 1st game. ahahha. dont even reach 70! super stupid i played. won the 2nd game. but still the point i got is SUCK! but i dont care. im having so much fun today. im sick without u la. seriousssss!
ily :)

Feb 1, 2009



Jan 31, 2009


adalah sedikit poyo gmbar ini. tetapi somehow, i really liked it.hahaha.
maklumlah, skrg da bajet art sket.
so skrg sudah mempunyai flickr.
ye mmg poyo. thanks for the compliment.
ahhahahaha. x senonoh nye mengutuk diri sendiri
tp mmg poyo kan?
tp hensem kan?
ouh god!
confuse dgn diri sendiri . ahahaha
go here !

when the fools found her guidance.

Dear Bugi,

"Is your favourite colour blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outerspace?
And im learning you"

i dedicated tht words taken from yuna's song deeper conversation. the 1st verse really reminds me of you, ur favourite color and u always tell the truth, even so i dont know whether its true or not. but what i did know, the words u saying is making me alive.

Even so, i only got to know you. what? like 2 weeks? i dont care! i ignored them advises i just live the way i wanted to. im being brave. i just dont want to lose a guy who being so attractively funny and cute somehow. what do i believe is something that most people dont. but i know u'll believe in me. Since that i never wonder how bad u were before, i just dont care! u just giving me the light to move on again, to being i
n the air. currently giving me the most happiest time of my life.

However, even i didnt know whats gonna happen next. I realise that there's only one chance of a lifetime. Why should i waste you? i cant even find the reason why im being super dont care of everything! The only thing that i suppose to be feeling right now is fun! but now it has been getting so deep then its
cannot be called as fun, it is more than it. I somehow felt that it is worth adding you at myspace. =D
If you are not there by that time i am very confident that i could live my life even without nobody.

First time i met you, i suddenly change into the broken popcorn machine! i cant talk, i was nervous, i cant even feel my leg! and yeah, by the time you started to talk i was freezing! my heartbeat faster like so damn faster! I dont even got a clue on what i should say to you. It was like the first time i ever felt that way. I know it sounds kinda overreacted but its the truth.

If i were to talk about you, it will be like thousand years will not finish. Im just hoping that u'll be the one that im going to remember and someone tht i would die for . Im all out of words, but still my mind cant get enough off you. Ure just the guy that im dreaming for.


*okay, seriously dude! this will make u fly all the way to sky high!

Jan 30, 2009


the name is syukri, live in ampang.
currently doing his practical at one communication company (btol ke?)
the last child of the family. aahha (kau bajet manje dan useless kan?)
die kate die cool macam brader. hahaha WTF? and he is funny also.
bajet marah2 bile tgh malu or blush.
sgt ligat bile ajak main futsal, x kisah pukul brp pon.
suke berbowling kadang kadang.
die ni macam sensitif sketla. anak kelahiran kuala lumpur.
suke bergambar, tp bukan gambar sendiri, suke mengambil gambar.
mempunyai senyuman yang menyenangkan :)


tagged by yanah

(1) Do you think you're hot?
HELL YEAH, *mmg sedikit perasan. ahah

(2) Upload your favorite picture of you!

(3) Why do you like that picture?
sebab nampak suci dan murni. ahahahah.

(4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
da lame weyh

(5) The last song you listened to?
love story - taylor swift *coz baru kuar dr blogspot yanah.

(6) What are you doing right now besides this?
kejot si mustapha.

(7) What name would u prefer beside yours?
just nur shairah. dah cun da.

People i want to tag :
Nurul Huda
Nurul Hidayah Azman
Syukri Sulaiman
Izzati Akmar
Kak Fara

(8) Who is number 1?

(9) Number 3 is having relationship with?
ME! aahaha

(10) Say something about number 5.
my bro's fiancee

(11) How about number 4?
ixy, gile berkate2!

(12) Who is number 2?
Nrul, the "CUPID"

Jan 18, 2009

f & f

sesuatu perkare pasal manusia. hasad dengki belambak2, nafsu, ketamakan obviously susah nak kawal. tp sbg manusia, what else do we need selain kekuatan mental dan fizikal. knape kte lemah sgt? sedangkan kte ade care utk kuatkan. kenape kte kuat sbb kte jalankan tanggungjawab kte sbg manusia. people! enuff being immature, matangkan fikiran. settle baik2, theres no problem doing tht. in fact, bile takde dendam dalam hati, hati kte aman. doing a good thing will give us rewards.
dont use anger to settle everything up. its so immature. and stop calling people immature if ure not!


Jan 16, 2009

orang minyak

because one of his picture looks like this. ahaha. sorry jerk!

i adore u motherf***ing oily man.

i really do. cant get my head of off u. it is impossible for the moment of now. i dont actually in use with this whole get to know each other using technology, but i guess it is worth for now. to actually find u is something tht is so precious to me. the common things that we both have really help alot in this relationship. i can just say that from this moment i am having a really huge crush on you. when i said huge it is real huge! just not to forget the cupid (u know who u are) thank you so much for the arrow that u shot to his butt. ahahaha.

*kalau kau terase, kau xyah kaver2. x salah rileks. ahahaha

Jan 15, 2009

the love

im being busy settling my kisah m&m (bajet da byk part. baru 2 je da kecoh) and forgetting the main issue were having worldwide. the war that strikes the world now needs our help to stop it. maybe u can start by donating or boycotting the american - israel's products. we might already get use to majority of their products, but we can try. just to help the victims.

please people, show some love.

Nur Shairah Binti Md Sharif

Jan 3, 2009

botak kepala.

remember when i used to say i love u?

its true, came deep inside my heart.

remember when i used to say i miss u?
its true too, i never lied.

remember when i used to say, ure the only one i love?
its true too, its hard to find someone like u.

remember when i used to say, i'll never leave u?
its true too, i know u knew it earlier than me.

remember when i used to say, i trust you all the way?
its true too, i trust you until i believe everything was my fault.

and remember how i broke all that i used to say to u?
it is because u never seems to understand what i used to say. u never gave me ur trust, u didnt work out for us, its only me who works out. but i guess now i'll move away from remembering those things that i used to say.
to u, its not worth a diamond.