Dec 18, 2008

you've been really good.

i dont know where hell did he come from. besides hurting me, loving me is the least thing he could do. im not blaming he himself. but it seems like he can take all the blame i took since a year ago. i would tell u that i love you so much, even i love u more than myself. but its not that u show me that. u never know how i feel to be the only one taking care of you, while what you did is giving me things! even so i said that im materialistic but i didnt mean it much. i want the feelings to be real not only by mouth. FYI mister, ive been trying rea lly hard to make it work more than you ever wanted to. but u never work! u just keep thinking that i was hooking up with other men! well ure right, im hooking up with chace crawford! do u had enough? BTW, im not the one who messaging other men while celebrating 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY. i think u have run out of feelings, keep hearing to those of always being jelous, coz u think ure so hot. i bet you, u are the one whos going to be hooking up with other girls after i LEFT you. not you left me, just dont try to be the real good hero. WHILE URE NOT! you are one of the immaturest guy i ever met. and yes, u've been really good before. thanks again FOOL!