Mar 29, 2009


today ;

happy as hell
i dreamt on playing basketball with my boyfriend since the 1st time im having one.
now it is fulfilled, because i got a chance to play it with u,
yes, syukri sulaiman!

yes i do love you.

*entry takde cover cover punye.

Mar 17, 2009


starting to revise what ive learn. or maybe, starting to open what the lecturers tought me, tht i dont listen when they did.

Mar 10, 2009

si gedik bercerita

hye semua, name sy shiera (gaye gedik nak kene lempang)

im writing this entry kinda early in the morning and at the cc. its a long time since i onlining at cc.
ahahaha. kinda slow pfft! (wrong cc i guess) not because my house's internet is broken or whatever. just wanna smell back the earlier part of my onlining days. since pet society is kinda slow loading here.
im sure tht each days before tought me things.

ahaa. and then im determined to get lil more thin. coz terase berat nak berjalan kebelkgan ni.
and yes yes. kinda shitting me right now is final nak dekat. assignment berat2 sme da nk kene submit. jadi mungkin busy memanjang lebar.


Mar 8, 2009

monmon surprise changed.

see! monmon go thru this surgery which changes his eyes and ears. he turned into "jambu"

Mar 5, 2009

no one will know you better.

apa masalah kau?
tikaikan ajelah ketidakpuasan,
di depan aku bagai pijak semut pon tak mati,

cmon la wey,
kate matured!

whats wrong with the world?
everything seems to be my fault.
then, where is ur fault?


*warne merah bajet tgh marah. hee

Mar 4, 2009

ketagihan baru

This is monmon and kukicarl. they are about to go to prom
see how cute kukicarl, and how handsome monmon. heee

Mar 3, 2009

my bestfriend, my companion, my love.

anybody would ask, and anybody would hate. none of me will hate you no matter what. i am low and i am short, none of it make u go away. im cherished when you arrived. i am slow and im not fast, but u always there to wait. im not pretty, in fact im fat. but u always make me feel im HOT.
i love doing crazy things with you, coz knowing tht im not the only freak is so cool to me. yes, cant believe tht ure a freak too! i know the clouds are blue, but i see no flaws out from you :)
i might be a shit, i might be a trash but
i felt DAMN clean when i have you.
throughout the way,
i am so coloured when ure around. the black and white is no longer in me.
and you should know that im going to be
urs until my heart's clock stop ticking.
i dont know how far i can go without you. is it too early for me to say that
i wanted you in every moments tht im going through.

throughout the journey,
yes im clumsy! by the time we arrived there, so many things tht i forgot to bring, but its okay with you. drove me all the way to get my things. thanks

yes im a freak, but guess what youre too.
freak are meant to be with a freak right?

dear, ure unpredictable sometimes but im learning you. and it will be an immortal lesson for me. Im
BLACK & WHITE when your not here with me. i judge myself bad when ure not there to help me. IM HELPLESS!

im stuck over you, yes u got my head thinking about you almost everytime! i cant get u out of it. but guess what? i dont care!
i love it when ure there in my head. sorry but i cant get you out.
what have you done to me.

im damn crushed over you.

in fact,