Jun 16, 2009

i miss you ;(

Jun 15, 2009


dear anyone,

have u ever smile, not like you mean it, not like you have to? have u ever smile so blossomly just to make sure people dont hate you? have you ever smile so wide, just just because youre happy? well, if anyone could notice, wht is the meaning of all smile. im guessing tht my smile will have no meaning at all. im not a let go person, im keeping things in my heart. no matter how i hate a person, and no matter how sad i am, not matter how happy i am. i didnt even plan on writing this here. but i just need a new entry ;p but no matter what, i do smile so happy when i let everything out. its just not tht easy for me, to just tell wht im feeling inside. i dont want to be the one whose depending, i want people to always depend on me. i cant have a problem if i want to do tht, so i hide. behind smiles that im faking. behind all of it, people wouldnt notice me.
after all, i admit it really hurts. especially when it was kept like 20 yrs ago, or maybe 12 years ago. feels like having a bleeding heart for that. but im no longer tht now, im smiling honestly and i have a meaning for all my smiles. just because i dont want to be someone who has no problems, because problems are made to gained experiences. and so i thanked people tht im relying on. for hearing me problems, no matter how stupid its going to be. thanks ! okay then, i'll just leave to you to think about it.

blossom smiles with meaning,