Jan 31, 2009


adalah sedikit poyo gmbar ini. tetapi somehow, i really liked it.hahaha.
maklumlah, skrg da bajet art sket.
so skrg sudah mempunyai flickr.
ye mmg poyo. thanks for the compliment.
ahhahahaha. x senonoh nye mengutuk diri sendiri
tp mmg poyo kan?
tp hensem kan?
ouh god!
confuse dgn diri sendiri . ahahaha
go here !

when the fools found her guidance.

Dear Bugi,

"Is your favourite colour blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outerspace?
And im learning you"

i dedicated tht words taken from yuna's song deeper conversation. the 1st verse really reminds me of you, ur favourite color and u always tell the truth, even so i dont know whether its true or not. but what i did know, the words u saying is making me alive.

Even so, i only got to know you. what? like 2 weeks? i dont care! i ignored them advises i just live the way i wanted to. im being brave. i just dont want to lose a guy who being so attractively funny and cute somehow. what do i believe is something that most people dont. but i know u'll believe in me. Since that i never wonder how bad u were before, i just dont care! u just giving me the light to move on again, to being i
n the air. currently giving me the most happiest time of my life.

However, even i didnt know whats gonna happen next. I realise that there's only one chance of a lifetime. Why should i waste you? i cant even find the reason why im being super dont care of everything! The only thing that i suppose to be feeling right now is fun! but now it has been getting so deep then its
cannot be called as fun, it is more than it. I somehow felt that it is worth adding you at myspace. =D
If you are not there by that time i am very confident that i could live my life even without nobody.

First time i met you, i suddenly change into the broken popcorn machine! i cant talk, i was nervous, i cant even feel my leg! and yeah, by the time you started to talk i was freezing! my heartbeat faster like so damn faster! I dont even got a clue on what i should say to you. It was like the first time i ever felt that way. I know it sounds kinda overreacted but its the truth.

If i were to talk about you, it will be like thousand years will not finish. Im just hoping that u'll be the one that im going to remember and someone tht i would die for . Im all out of words, but still my mind cant get enough off you. Ure just the guy that im dreaming for.


*okay, seriously dude! this will make u fly all the way to sky high!

Jan 30, 2009


the name is syukri, live in ampang.
currently doing his practical at one communication company (btol ke?)
the last child of the family. aahha (kau bajet manje dan useless kan?)
die kate die cool macam brader. hahaha WTF? and he is funny also.
bajet marah2 bile tgh malu or blush.
sgt ligat bile ajak main futsal, x kisah pukul brp pon.
suke berbowling kadang kadang.
die ni macam sensitif sketla. anak kelahiran kuala lumpur.
suke bergambar, tp bukan gambar sendiri, suke mengambil gambar.
mempunyai senyuman yang menyenangkan :)


tagged by yanah

(1) Do you think you're hot?
HELL YEAH, *mmg sedikit perasan. ahah

(2) Upload your favorite picture of you!

(3) Why do you like that picture?
sebab nampak suci dan murni. ahahahah.

(4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
da lame weyh

(5) The last song you listened to?
love story - taylor swift *coz baru kuar dr blogspot yanah.

(6) What are you doing right now besides this?
kejot si mustapha.

(7) What name would u prefer beside yours?
just nur shairah. dah cun da.

People i want to tag :
Nurul Huda
Nurul Hidayah Azman
Syukri Sulaiman
Izzati Akmar
Kak Fara

(8) Who is number 1?

(9) Number 3 is having relationship with?
ME! aahaha

(10) Say something about number 5.
my bro's fiancee

(11) How about number 4?
ixy, gile berkate2!

(12) Who is number 2?
Nrul, the "CUPID"

Jan 18, 2009

f & f

sesuatu perkare pasal manusia. hasad dengki belambak2, nafsu, ketamakan obviously susah nak kawal. tp sbg manusia, what else do we need selain kekuatan mental dan fizikal. knape kte lemah sgt? sedangkan kte ade care utk kuatkan. kenape kte kuat sbb kte jalankan tanggungjawab kte sbg manusia. people! enuff being immature, matangkan fikiran. settle baik2, theres no problem doing tht. in fact, bile takde dendam dalam hati, hati kte aman. doing a good thing will give us rewards.
dont use anger to settle everything up. its so immature. and stop calling people immature if ure not!


Jan 16, 2009

orang minyak

because one of his picture looks like this. ahaha. sorry jerk!

i adore u motherf***ing oily man.

i really do. cant get my head of off u. it is impossible for the moment of now. i dont actually in use with this whole get to know each other using technology, but i guess it is worth for now. to actually find u is something tht is so precious to me. the common things that we both have really help alot in this relationship. i can just say that from this moment i am having a really huge crush on you. when i said huge it is real huge! just not to forget the cupid (u know who u are) thank you so much for the arrow that u shot to his butt. ahahaha.

*kalau kau terase, kau xyah kaver2. x salah rileks. ahahaha

Jan 15, 2009

the love

im being busy settling my kisah m&m (bajet da byk part. baru 2 je da kecoh) and forgetting the main issue were having worldwide. the war that strikes the world now needs our help to stop it. maybe u can start by donating or boycotting the american - israel's products. we might already get use to majority of their products, but we can try. just to help the victims.

please people, show some love.

Nur Shairah Binti Md Sharif

Jan 3, 2009

botak kepala.

remember when i used to say i love u?

its true, came deep inside my heart.

remember when i used to say i miss u?
its true too, i never lied.

remember when i used to say, ure the only one i love?
its true too, its hard to find someone like u.

remember when i used to say, i'll never leave u?
its true too, i know u knew it earlier than me.

remember when i used to say, i trust you all the way?
its true too, i trust you until i believe everything was my fault.

and remember how i broke all that i used to say to u?
it is because u never seems to understand what i used to say. u never gave me ur trust, u didnt work out for us, its only me who works out. but i guess now i'll move away from remembering those things that i used to say.
to u, its not worth a diamond.