Sep 29, 2008

im clear.

today is the last day of tarawikh, and i didnt go. because of inability to get up even a bit. seriously do u believe me? pffft! tomorrow will be going to melaka. i miss my dear cousin yana! huhu. seriously beb i miss u! today is very hypertensi pnye hari! aku runsing, air mata aku berlinang lagi. and today the word is "i tak ske pompuan macam u! tak faham" OMG, so outrageusly make me sad. he never knew hows the feeling im handling with right now. its so sad that im unable to cure. it hurt me like a pisau cucuking my heart. (im not good in english =D) am i suppose to let him go, but the feeling of love still, it still much in this heart. im not trying to say tht im the one who try everything so hard. but yes, im the one who hurt the most today. please believe tht my love might fade if it continue happen like this. and every minutes keep telling myself, "be tough and everythings going to be allright as always". i dont need somebody to help me, but its good enough tht somebody actually read this and understand it. i hope! thank you for ur time for reading this! and yes, i cant wait for raya! huhuhu!

Sep 23, 2008

22nd September 2008.

today im having a presentation. YA ALLAH ! nervous to the max!
our group present about media. supposely long presentation, but yeah we manage to get over it fast! the lecturer also shock that we manage to end up early. probably because, one person one slide. and we have six members, so we suppose to have 6 slides. However we had it 7 slides because of the last minute addition. sedar tak sedar i forgot to put up the conclusion. huhu. kelam kabut i bubuh. after the presentation, we were ask to give some pantun hari raya to classmates. and some of it was,

hari raya menjelang tiba,
malam raya jangan lupe wish saya.

makan nasi dengan sardin,
maaf zahir batin.

balik kampung naik ferrari,
selamat hari raya aidilfitri.

jalan - jalan naik proton saga,
malam raya tgk tvtiGA.

balik kampung naik kereta,
naik kereta sampai melaka,
pagi raya hilangkan sengketa,
agar hidup bahagia.

raya - raya jugak,
sanak saudara jgn dilupa,
exam nak dekat jugak,
study jgn dilupa.

demikian sudah pantun dari ktorg pnye group. very enjoying morning =)