Oct 28, 2009

backing off.

things started to became awkward. why?
because i was told by a very good friend of mine. to choose, to be with ur great friend or be with ur great friend. i know tht sounded weird i have to choose between both great friend of mine. i just dont want to create any chaos among us, and its best for me to shut down myself and just go with the wind. just going to be whenever they want me to be.
reminding that they will always have my full support.
but it doesnt feel right, because i know that im much better with one of them.
but im cool, i already have few mates that are always ready for me.
no worries great friend, the road is yours :)

Oct 11, 2009

nyam nyam !

gave my friend a love advise.
he found someone, someone that made him feel so flowerish inside.
and he's not sure of what choices should be made. he's afraid of being used by the girl. well actually he's afraid to try.
as for me i really think that love is something we should really do try, after we got it, hold on to it as hard as we can.
if we love someone, always afraid if we hurt 'em. but not to afraid of being hurt.

then he ask,
"what if i cant make her happy, then she left?"

i said
"if she doesnt try anything to help u, then thts her lost."

always not afraid to love, it might hurt, but it will heal slowly.

*i would love to eat everything one day, except the non halal .

Oct 9, 2009


i seems to be down by this songs since earlier of its production.
hahah poyo en.


aku cuba.

skrg, blog ini akan dihasilkan dalam bahasa yg seharusnya difahami oleh rakyat malaysia. dicampur baurkan dgn bahasa pasar.

hei yang di sabak bernam,
rindu ni rindu pada kamu,
tau tak pedih merindui kamu?
kamu balik dengan kadar had laju cahaya boleh?
aku rasa seperti menaiki basikal tanpa tayar,
walaupun kalau kamu menjadi tayarnya,
biarpun kamu bergolek di tanah,
dicemar kalau ku lalu kotoran,
kamu tetap mematuhi,
cuma, kadang - kadang kamu pancit,
tapi ku sumbat kamu dgn angin, ku tukar perkakasan kamu,
supaya saya bisa naik lagi basikal.
walaupun begitu, aku memerlukan kamu,
ini mungkin pentingkan diri, tetapi...

kamu melengkapi aku :)

Oct 6, 2009

back in.

find out that i really had nothing to do tonight (assignment belambak je sebnrnye). so i decided to blog ! which i hadnt do for such a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time. see the o's pon tau brp lame dah.

this is wht happen to me.
im getting fatter and fatter everyday, the fats just wont come out. decided to work out, its really embarassing to go out around people because everyone started to notice the big changes in my body. balik kg je "happy ke kau? gemok do" yeah thanks ! my size have changed ! to a bigger one of course ! well to put this straight IM GOING TO WORK OUT ! mark my words. started the diet and workout already. just wanna get back to my old size ! where people cant even sees me. anorexia seems so cool to me nowadays ! i should try it. (menggelabah lebeh)

ouh people just when i got myself back to old. the picture will be posted ! keep on waiting !
(kalau kisah la ahah)