Nov 26, 2010

Boo Yah !

Lupe nak update !
last night we went to damansara damai to give a surprise party for my brother, Salahuddin. it was hell of a surprise ! he didnt even notice a thing about maybe his wife's weird attitude. ahaha
okay first, we got into his house while he was out, (thanks to kak fara for the keys) and then we lock the door. supposely we should not lock the door with this one lock. well the lock shows that theres someone inside, because it can be lock from inside only. so while he was unlocking the door, he couldnt do it because one of us (our family members) lock the suppose not to lock. he was frighten as crazy ! he thought that maybe a thief broke into the house. he is so scared ! while he was busy being afraid and nervous, his wife (kak fara) are trying not to laugh and not to be seen laughing ! she cover up her faces using rayyan ! poor baby. not knowing anything. ahhaha. and when i remembered that the lock cant be open, i ask my brother (saiful) to open it, i thought it would ruin the surprise but he said, "no lagi cuak kot, pencurik tu siap boleh bukak pintu lagi" hahaha. and we open the door, my lil bro said "surprise" the face was changing ! my brother's face are really funny at the moment! his mouth was wide open ! ahahahahahahahahahaha. padan muke ! he loves to prank people and last night is a payback (wakenabeb) ahahahha.
so, happy early birthday ! hahahah

btw, going to bukit gambang in a few hours after this, weee cant wait to swim around like a mermaid !

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