Nov 24, 2010


i browse through all my posts and none really mention about my first nephew ! OMG im such a bad aunty.

Here it goes, 14th May 2010 my sister in law gave birth to a boy name Muhammad Rayyan. Its such a beautiful day. He is so cute, he opened his eyes the first day with total weight of only 1.9kg. such a small baby. But then thats it, i can only him for a while since he have to be warded in around a week i think. After a week, there ! he first got into our hours, oh such a small beautiful thing ! but nobody was brave enough to carry him because he was so small and tiny and fragile !

rayyan 4th days (i think)

he is now 6th months old. he grows up to be such a cheerful baby. and rounder too :)

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Kurusdopoulous said...

rayyan seperti aryan-namanya. dan keduanya comel.